Sunday, February 10, 2013

Swim Workouts

Below you will find a couple of swim workouts from Francis Schmitz. Feel free to use them anytime.

Beginner swim workout #1
(500 yards total)
100 - warm up (wu) (2 full laps)
50 - Pull bouy (put between legs/thigh & swim) Feel your hips rotate as you swim. Your hip should lead the actual stroke by a millisecond.
50 - 1 arm drill (use pull bouy if needed) Push off wall, put 1 arm out front and take strokes with the other arm. Breath each stroke. Down right arm, back left arm
50 - Finger tip drag. Push off wall, take stroke. When bringing stroke hand back forward, drag it on the water next to your body. When your hand is about to catch the water, you should have started the other arm catch & finger tip drag forward.
4 X 25  stay relaxed. Push from wall, swim to other end. 10 sec rest interval (RI). If your uncomfortable with swimming over the deep end, go down & start there. Once you push off & take 2/3 strokes you'll be in shallow water.
50  - Kick with board
Vertical kick - go to the deep end & kick from the hip keeping your legs below you. Use a sculling motion the keep  yourself up (1 min kick/15 sec RI if needed.) Try doing up to 10 min kicking. This will help you develop proper kicking from hips with whole leg.
100 Cool Down (CD)
If you are unfamiliar with any of the drills that are listed, we suggest that you youtube them to see a sample.
If possible, swim two or three times a week. Getting in the pool often will help you learn “feel” the water and be more comfortable in the water.

Intermediate swimmers # 1
(1700 yards total)
200 - Warm up (WU)
50  - Finger tip drill
50  - 1 arm drill, Down right, back left.
10 X 50 on 1 min (') on 15/20 sec rest interval (RI)             
50  - scull (think of feeling the water)
50  - kick w/ board, kick from hips with whole leg mostly straight
6 X 100  (1) 25 fast/75 steady
             (2)  50 fast/50 steady
             (3)  75 fast/25 steady
             (4)  100 fast/hold hard effort
             (5)  50 fast/50 steady
             (6)  25 fast/75 steady
              15'-30' RI between each
100  - Cool Down (CD)

Note: Francis will be creating new workouts as he gets feedback from swimmers. Please email us at if you have any feedback about the workouts. Francis loves to see triathletes improve and have fun, so be sure to him know if you’d like to chat more about swimming.
Also, Francis recommends checking out After registering for an account you will have access to great videos and information about swim technique and tips for improvement. This site is great for all levels of swimmers.

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